Monday, 10 January 2011

Final Digital sequence

ok so i tried being clever and including render layers and environments however this was eating up all of my render time so what i have done is composited a range of things into one video. I hope you enjoy!

3D printed model

Ok so I have sucsessfuly printed a model. I found this an irritating process, so im pretty supprised it came out ok first time. even so here are the images. it is of one of the controlers on the side of the bike. I chose a simple piece as i had observed other peoples had broken. so a nice chunky piece like this would be easy to print.

organising the outliner

i wanted to make sure that the outliner is perfect so everything is named (as is the hypershade ((shading groups and all))) here are screen grabs of my naming conventions.

ballancing shading networks

this video explains the process i went through to ballance my textures/shaders in maya

creating shading networks

ok so after i created the texture image to plug into the colour, i then went through and made a few slightly complex shading networks.


ok so i used photoshop to texture the bike using just a lambert. here is the highest levels texture file for colour.

after finishing the texture file i then ballanced the shaders and shading networks which will be my next post


I have U'vd ll of my lod's now, i developed my own method.

-step 1 manualy lay out half of the model nicely so your happy
-step 2 use the unfold tool to just clean up all of the nice work on the half that ive already done.
-step 3 use a checker node applied to a shader and assigned to the model to test that half
-step 4 take a snapshot of the top right uv editor screen and apply it as a colour to that shader.
-step 5 use the image of the other side to lay out the un-done side.
-step 6 texture and test! should work fine if you manualy layed them out ok :)